Communication between schools and parents are the utmost important. Whether your child is a toddler, or a older student, there are several information that needs to be exchanged between schools and parents and vice-versa.

With a toddler it is important to have a daily update on sleeping times, diaper changes, minor behaviour changes, or even exchanging, outside of social media, moments that the school only wants to share with the parents.

Also there are several other information that can be exchanged and recorded in a proper platform, such as meeting requests, diet meal requests, field trip authorizations, and many other information.

This communication platform will help to approach parents and the school.

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For parents

A communication application that allows parents to receive online information about his student. Avoid paper notes or emails and communicate directly with your child teacher, or school services.

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  • Receive sleeping times, diaper changes, test results, meeting requests, event information, photos and videos, medication information
  • Request diet meals, meetings,
  • Receive and authorize field trips
  • Schedulle your hollidays
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For schools

Interact directly or individually with your class parents. Share moments and usefull informations with the kids. Send notifications and receive reading acknowledgments.

Your canteen can receive automatically diet meal requests and prepare the food accordingly.

Request meetings with the parents or request field trip authorizations


  • Receive diet meal requests in the canteen
  • Share test results, event information, billing information, child moments with the parents
  • Request meetings with the parents
  • Receive child hollidays
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